Rigger Art Palette Used By Professional Painters

Professional Painters Using Rigger Art’s Palette

Watercolors Plastic Palette with logoWe are very glad to share with our readers that some very reputed painters have been painting with our folding palettes and loved using them! From the reviews they send us, they loved the fact there are plenty of mixing areas which are nicely divided and “more than enough places for all the colors on the outer perimeter”.

Here are some of the painters who have used our palette: Lori McNee, Mike Simpson, Loretta Casler, Pat Dispenziere, Catherine Hillis, Jan Ross Watercolors and others!

From the heat of Arizona to the cool Colorado outback, plein air watercolor painters have taken our palettes with them to paint. Some of them have even taken our palette to competitions and on exhibitions.

We learn from each review they send us, and we strive to create better customer service and better products, for future customers. We are currently refining a short guidebook which we send in two chapters to our customers who order through Amazon. In the ebook, painters will get tips on how to set up their palette, how to maintain it, and how to season the surface to reduce the water beading.

Send us email on any subject you think will help us get better, ask us questions and send your tips.

Brand New Item For Professional Painters

Used by professional painters to store their brushes the wrap keeps them nice and clean, dry and safe. For best protection for your paint brushes, carry them and store them in the canvas rollup wrap. Don’t throw them in the bag or let the shape be meshed in a tight pouch.  Check here for latest discount on the canvas brush holder organizer.Paint brushes holder canvas

Using the canvas wrap brush holder each brush has a pocket and you can take up to 20 brushes, each in their own pocket. Roll up the canvas and know they are all tucked nice and safely inside not getting crumbed in your art bag, getting all messy and squashed..