Paint Brush Organizer Case – Video Review

Paint Brush Canvas Organizer Case

One of the best ways to carry paint brushes, is by taking them in a roll up case. There are many instances when a painter needs to carry their paintbrushes with them. For example when they are going on a plein air workshop, or going from the house to a studio or to paint outside. In these cases the brushes will be carried and some kind of protection is required for them.

Protecting Watercolor Brushes

The watercolor brushes are usually more delicate than the oil brushes, the hair is fine and very thin, and the turf has very specific shapes to perform best. If the brushes are thrown into a bag and crushes carelessly with all the rest of the art supplies, then soon than one might expect, the hairs will begin to fall, lose shape, and the whole brush becomes worthless. There is nothing more frustrating than a painter who sets off to nature or to an urban outdoor painting session, and discovers their best watercolor paint brush has a ‘bad hair day’.

In the video below you can watch a review for the Rigger Art Canvas Brush Holder – used by a painter, taken in a bag to school and back. The review covers the sizes, pockets and all pros and cons.

For this reason most painters have a brush case organizer to carry their brushes while protecting them, and keeping the work space organized.

You can find more about canvas roll up protection organizer at Amazon.