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Rigger Art is a new growing brand. We are currently bringing new premium items for painters.

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We would be sending SINGLE USE DISCOUNT coupons for painters to try our NEW items.

If you received a coupon, note that you are NOT OBLIGED and NOT EXPECTED in any way to leave a review at Amazon. In fact it is against Amazon new terms for sellers to give items in exchange for a review. We will keep giving coupons to our members because we value them as ambassadors who create videos, share posts and be opinion leaders to other painters.

If you would like to be on the VIP GROUP and be notified when we have new items, and get the launch period discount coupons for them, please add your contact details below. We will NEVER share your information with anyone, we will NEVER spam you.

For free items – We currently ship only to USA addresses.

(International members are welcome too, we will have some goodies for you too in the future).

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