Building Your Confidence as a Painter by Happy D Artist (Watercolor Video)

Painter’s Confidence By Happy D. Artist (Watercolor)

Any painter knows the feeling of losing of self confidence. It can be trying to paint with new mediums. Or can happen after watching another painter paint like Picasso. Or trying desperately to paint eyes, legs, a human emotion or a horse, only to find out it came so weird and awkward you can’t even show it to others. In this video Happy D, an amazing oil painter, talks and shares her insights about painters self confidence.

Happy D is a very busy oil painter with tens of thousands of followers in her Youtube channel and other social media platforms.  She paints magical enchanted figures with wide eye and a fantasy story and theme around them. In this video Happy D shows how she paints with watercolors, a medium she does not often use.

She speaks to any painter who ever felt not good enough or not being able to paint as they wish. During the video you can study and learn how the figure is painted but most importantly listen to the bottom line. What kind of thinking and attitude will take you further and what attitude will take you backwards.

Losing confidence can happen to any painter at any level and any stage in their life. The successful ones are those who have stronger mentality and focus to overcome and succeed.

Being an artist means exposing your self. You paint, you draw and you create and part of your inner self is shared with others. Watch the clip and even if you gain one ounce of thoughts which will help you become a better artist, then you are on the right track for success.

You can follow Happy D Artist, Youtube channel and her vivid FB group to catch more of this talented painter.

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