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Folding palette box with lid cover

We are honored to cooperate with Jacksonville Arts Center, creating this special Amazon discount offer the center students.

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  1. Get your personal coupon from Leia Thompson Wood  (Programming Director for the Jacksonville Center for the Arts).
  2. The Amazon code looks like this: 26GT-ZJY5MS-39X9AJ
  3. Click link, order a palette and use code.
  4. Coupons valid until Monday 5/10 (use them before then).
  5. One code per purchase.
  6. After you get the palette, WE would love to get your review on Amazon!!
  7. For any issues contact us at Service@riggerarts.com

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Rigger Art Large Folding Palette Box

Rigger Art Large Folding Watercolor Palette:

  • 33 Wells – 28 wells for colors + 5 large mixing areas.
  • Folding lid cover for travel and clean studio.
  • Opens 180º flat on table.
  • Thumb-hole for right and left hand painters.
  • Rounded corners for easy mixing cleaning.
  • Lightweight palette for hours of studio & plein air painting.
  • Highly rated by professional painters and award winners.
  • White durable plastic, easy to carry and clean.

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Just For The Smile

Watercolor pallet box with lid

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After you get our palette WE would love to get your review at Amazon!!