Tips for Getting Plein Air Painting Right

Key Tips For Plain Air Painting

Plein air painting with paletteIf you are a plain air painter, you will know some tips often slip by, and you lose focus. You want to receive the same level of attention that is going to be offered to the best and that will become a reality when you start creating masterpieces.

Before you can hit a level such as this, you will have to think about how to start painting in the right manner. Plain air painting has to be done with focus and here are tips that are going to help you out big time.

1) Friendlier Skies Help

When you are looking to paint the horizon, you will have to think about painting a “friendlier” sky. What is your interpretation of this? It is this type of sky that is going to redefine the rest of the look you are going for. Some people use harsher colors on their palette, and that can hurt their final appearance.

You want the painting to be perfect, and that will happen when you begin to consider this. Go with the friendlier skies and you are going to have a smile that is never going to go.

2) Try “Squinting”

Outdoor painting with travel palette boxHave you tried squinting? You have to look at the world in details, and that is sometimes hard when you are sitting outside looking to paint. It is a neat trick that some people use when they are plain air painting. They look to focus on the squinting as that is key.  They start to look through the squinted eyes to see what is out there and what they are missing. It is those details that you see that are going to make the painting come to life in a new way that might not have happened if you didn’t use this tip.

3) Understanding Warmth And Coolness

When it comes to advice, you will have to understand plain air painting is now all about colors. You have to play around with the tones when you are plain air painting. You have to understand if the skies are warm, you have to make the shadows cooler. This is how you are going to be able to capture the beauty of what you are painting. If you are so lost in using the same tones, you are going to make something that is not as realistic or as good as you had hoped. Do look at the tones seriously.

4) Don’t Aim For Perfection All The Time

This is such a big mistake where people look to go for the perfect result and that is not going to happen. Look at some of the greatest paintings that are out there and you will realize they are not actually perfect. There are flaws, and it is those flaws that make them perfect. You have to look past this and go for the general look and then play off of that. When you do this, your plain air painting is going to get better.

Yes, plain air painting is not easy, but painters love to try and capture mother nature.

Get out there and start painting because there is no use to sitting around and not experiencing what is out there. This is the mistake that will lead you astray.