Sketcher Sēji Reviewing Watercolor Pallet

Sketcher Sēji Shares Her Review of Rigger Art Watercolor Pallet

If there is one thing we think painters should have is courage to express themselves. While painting is expressing inner self, so is the direct approach. We received a letter from a young painter who asked right out in the first line of her email. I saw other painters do a video review, and I want to make one too. Though most of the painters who did video reviews for our pallet had thousands of followers, and Sketcher Sēji did not have as much. We loved the daring straight forward request. She got a palette to try out, use as a painter and create her video review.

What’s In the Box Pallet Review

Watercolor pallet protective wrapping

We checked her new YouTube channel and saw a brand new review video, where she features and compares our pallet with a smaller palette she had bought sometime ago.In the video review of the pallet you can see the small delicate brush we are sending out as a gift with our palettes. At the second part of the clip, you can watch as Sketcher Sēji does speed painting with watercolors.

The watercolor pallet is delivered in a cozy bubble wrap which protects it, all the way from Amazon’s warehouse and your doorstep. So the review is not actually ‘what’s in the box’ but what is in the bubble wrap package you are expected to get when you order the large folding watercolor palette.

Make a young watercolor artist happy!

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What is the painters most precious art supply? Is it the paint tubes? No they are meant to be dispensable. Is it the paper pad? No. The palette? Usually not. It is the brushes! Every painter has the set of brushes they like to paint with, they know how each stroke will come out, what to expect from the wet turf.

Paint brushes holder canvasThese should be kept safe and sound. Professional painters have their carry case for their brushes. These once were heavy wooden boxes used to take brushes on a painting tour.

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Today the lightweight boxes have been changed to a durable thick canvas rollup. Used by art students, watercolor artists who go on plein air workshops, and for those going to school and want to keep their brushes and bag nice and clean. Check Rigger Art Canvas Roll Up Wrap.