Order Large Folding Watercolors Palette

Rigger Art Large Folding Palette BoxClick Here To Buy Palette Now

Paint Like a Pro!!
33 Wells – 28 wells for colors + 5 large mixing areas.
Folding lid box cover for travel and clean studio.
Opens 180º flat on table.
For  studio & plein air painting.
Highly rated by professional painters and award winners.

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NEW – Paintbrush Canvas Roll-Up Holder

Paint brushes holder canvas

 Order a Protection Roll Up for Your Brushes Here

Carry your painting brushes safely anywhere you go
22 slots to carry long / short handle brushes and art supplies. Order Brushes Roll Up Case Here.

Rigger Art brush wrap



NEW – Rigger Art Professional Watercolor Brushes

Short habdle vs long handle watercolor paintbrush

6 Professional Grade Brushes
Various Sizes and Shapes, Short Handle For Studio Painting
Balanced Wooden Handle!
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 The Complete Watercolorist Set

6 Brushes + Folding Palette + Artists Travel Pouch

Rigger Art Short handle Paintbrush Set

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Everything a painter needs to paint on the go!

+ Quality set of 6 short handle watercolor brushes

+ Large folding watercolor palette

+ Large A4 size zippered pouch for your art supplies