Nikinapalm Youtube Video Reviewing Rigger Art watercolor Palette

Youtube Painter Video Reviewing Our watercolor Palette

Nikinapalm is a popular video channel for painting fans, it is run by Niki Buckno a very talented painter which paints sweet images and shares her fun and talent with everyone. Niki accepted our offer to try out and review our watercolor/acrylic folding palette. You can see it in her video as she shows her work station and review the palette and paints with it.

You can grab a seat and watch her video here:

Niki has thousands of followers and is constantly uploading new videos showing her art in motion. You can follow Niki in any f her social channels like FB, Instagram and YouTube.

She does tutorials and over the shoulder videos of her unique style paintings. She paints with colored pencils, markers, brushes and very colorful media materials. As you seen in the clip her paintings are magical and carry you deep into the world of fantasy.

Professional Painter Tip

For best protection for your paint brushes, carry them and store them in the canvas rollup wrap. Used by professional painters to store their brushes the wrap keeps them nice and clean, dry and safe. Don’t throw them in the bag or let the shape be meshed in a tight pouch.  Check here for latest discount on the canvas brush holder organizer.Paint brushes holder canvas

Using the canvas wrap brush holder each brush has a pocket and you can take up to 20 brushes, each in their own pocket. Roll up the canvas and know they are all tucked nice and safely inside not getting crumbed in your art bag, getting all messy and squashed..