New Video Review For Travel Palette By Karen E Haley

Art By Karen E Haley With a Video Review For Our Traveling Palette

A fantasy painter which has thousands of followers has agreed to try out our folding travel palette.

Karen used the palette and compared it to former palettes she used to work with. To learn more about the pros and cons she found while painting with the palette just watch the video below. You can follow Karen at her vivid YouTube channel, where she uploads twice a week videos of her painting magical figures, sweet, enchanted and petite.

Check out the palette review below:

Karen uses her unique way to paint and mix colors on the paper and on the palette, she explained how she separates and prepares the pigment in the different wells. Watch how she creates her painting of the flying unicorn with watercolors.

In the clip with few colors Karen manages to create multiple shades and tones, and the outcome is marvelous.

Karen E Haley Travel Palette Review











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