Makeup Effects Artist Video Review of Rigger Art Palette

Makeup Effects Artist’s Video About Our Palette

Rainbow FX Palette Review
Image by: Rainbow FX (Kendra Matthews)

There are so many similar lines between watercolor artists and makeup artists (especially those who do body paintings!)

Both kind of artists use mainly brushes to apply the color, most of the body paints are watercolor (with dense pigments for total coverage) It takes hours to create body paintings and the name of the game is shadowing and using the body curves to paint the illusions. Just like watercolor painters have to master their tones to create the right shads to shadow objects and scenes. Body painters usually work with a make up pencil to draw the lines and areas they later fill with colors. Many watercolor artists do the same, they draw an their canvas the outlines for their painting and later fill he lines with their wet paint.

Kendra Matthews has been working with both mediums, body painting and watercolors for some time, she has made a short video reviewing our folding watercolor palette. During the video she paints two Pokemon figures and shares her thoughts about the mixing areas, the watercolor beading, the paint wells and also the gift brush which was inside the package.

Check out the clip here

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