Blogger Katie Anne Use Rigger Art’s Palette For Painting Peg Dolls Set

Rigger Art’s Palette Used For Painting Peg Dolls Set

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Photo Credit: Katie Anne

As part of our cooperation with painters and art bloggers we sent the creative art blogger Katie Anne our palette to try out and use.

This week she updated her blog:

You are welcome to click over and see how easily she created a Good Friday scene which you too can create at home. The Do it Yourself part is easy to follow and well explained, painting the background and peg dolls in a beautiful and creative way. Katie walks you through all the stages one by one, from scratch to finish. Very inspiring for those who have kids, as it is known the kids love to play with any thing which is home made.

Katie Anne with Rigger Art Pallet
Photo Credit: Katie Anne

About the experience painting with our folding pallet here is what Katie Anne review:

Then, Rigger Art offered to send me one of their painting palettes to review, and I knew that this would be the perfect project to try it out on.  Considering I usually paint using an old plastic lid for a palette, this was a big step up in the world.  I mean seriously, look at how pretty and organized it is!  My Type-A-self, combined with my right-brain-creativeness, is so happy.

This palette has 33 mixing wells, its 10″x 5″ size is huge without taking up a lot of space, and while I don’t often paint while standing, it does have a thumb hole that allows you to comfortably and securely hold with one hand.  It lays flat but also folds closed.  I took advantage of that feature while painting so that I could get up and do adult things like laundry.  When I came back to it, I was able to resume working without wasting all of my acrylic paint.  Also, when I was done I was pretty impressed with how well it cleaned up, leaving it ready for my next project. See the whole project here.

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